Fast Car FINAL edit

This is the final and complete edit of my music video. I contributed this by giving direction as to certain edits and cuts made,


Audience Feedback on my Poster

I have received some feedback on my poster from various people with different reactions and opinions on each. I can now use this to my advantage and change the things which have been brought to my attention by the audience.


How CD sales have changed – 6

CD sales have fallen dramatically in the last 5 years. This is due to the increase in sales on the internet from legal online stores like iTunes and streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud. iTunes makes over $6.9 billion a year from which is around 74% of the internet market of $9.3 billion. Per album sold the artist earn anywhere from £1.02-1.44, and for every single sold they can make from 10p-14p. BBC News reported that sales had dropped from 56 million down to 44 million between January-June 2015. This was caused by the increase in streaming services which made an additional £697 million from the previous year.

The music industry is also negatively affected by illegal downloading sites which deprive the music market of $200-250 billion a year. HMV, a retailer which sells mainly CDs has seen a dramatic drop in the sale of CDs and their share price has decreased by about 5%.

Surprisingly modern music artists make most of their money through doing Live shows. Taylor swift made $39 million one year, $30 million of this was the Live shows she performed.

This graph shows the fairly dramatic decline in CD sales not only in the last 5 years but in last 9 years:

cd graph.jpg

Difference between digipaks and CD cases – 3

CD cases are a very basic case which provide protection to the CD itself. They are typically made out of plastic and quite cheap and flimsy which can cause them to break easily without much colouring and pictures except for maybe a cover photo. They aren’t very detailed and contain no information of the artists – sometimes they contain information about the contents of the CD, the songs.

Black Jewel case-900x900.jpg

Digipaks are slightly different. They incorporate many pieces of information into one pack. They ususally have more inner-folds which allows them to contain more CDs and has more spaces for information, such as things about the artist, their songs, maybe some lyrics from the songs included and lots of pictures. Because of the extra space it can hold more CDs and therefore more songs.




Social media signs

List of songs on the CD

Name of the album

Records label

Album artwork


Interesting font


Font tests – 2

I have written out “fast car” in several different fonts, this will help me decide which font I want to use for my Digipak and Digipak Advert poster. I have tried out various styles of font – from kind of block letters to flowing type fonts.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.39.50.png

How musicians promote themselves -1

Musicians these days have the internet to promote themselves. They use website such as Youtube and Vimeo to upload their videos and have social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to promote the video itself.

When you are an independent artist and you are trying to get recognised, people don’t care about nice music videos and good editing they just want to hear a good voice and instrumental play. This is when you can upload your video to a video streaming website. Justin Bieber is one of the most famous musicians in the world, he started out by uploading a video to YouTube of himself singing and he was noticed by someone high in the music business.

Once you have posted a video to Youtube it can be seen by the whole world and can reach audiences which may not usually listen to your type of music. Famous artists who have a large following on various social medias can do things such as creating a hashtag on twitter which their follows will use in their tweets causing it to be spread across the internet. Using Instagram and Facebook they can post a snippet of the music video which will hype up their video, getting their fans excited for the music which is going to be released.