Things to Consider


I chose this video to talk about because it relates to what we are thinking about for our film. It focuses on the actors in the video and their lip-syncing. We will focus on the quality of the lip-syncing, making sure everything is lined and polished. I will slow down the film and make sure every word is in tune with the actors mouth. This video is a good quality as the lip-syncing is very good and is identical to the song.


Comparing this video to our video ideas, the actors in this video usually have bright coloured clothing as will our actors in our film. The make up in this video is quite neutral and nothing too out of the ordinary, we will be wanting this natural look in our music video. Costumes in this video are very “sexually orientated” e.g. just wearing studs, nothing else, even the flight attendant costume is sexualised (short skirt, cleavage).

We will use colour for our video as I don’t think black and white will go appropriately due the music track not being of a sad nature. I think the colour in this video has a slightly distressed look and i think this could be a possibility for my music video as it is quite unusual and uncommon. The use of natural lighting is very compelling and is a path i would like to follow.

Point 8



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