Perfect Audience Member

How our video is going to attract the Perfect Audience Member.

Most people who like listening to a song also like like to see the music video. If the music video is not matching the lyrics than the audience would be put off by the song and there for I’m going to make sure that emotions, colours, base and style of the music video will be an exact match to the lyrics and audience member. They will be wearing normal clothing with normal make up and props. Our audience member is very bright (fangirl) so we will keep a fairly simple narrative so they are not confused.

If we were to advertise our video, we would advertise it on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This would mean our video could be suggested to people who watch similar videos to our meaning our video with have great exposure.

The content of our music video will consist of the sort of things that our audience member likes to do, like dancing, singing and being with friends. This will attract the audience member as they can relate to this.

Task Point 17


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