Production Company – I think for my production company i would like to use Sony as they are one of the most well known companies out there. They can advertise on multiple platforms, like PlayStation, TV, Adverts etc. This would mean that my music video could be shown anywhere to all the different audience, which could potentially attract new audience members of all ages. Also Sony is so big that the budget I would receive would be very large which results in me being able to create a better quality product.

Exhibition Company – If I were to choose a way of exhibiting my music video it would be on YouTube. Paired with Sony i would be able to be featured on Sony’s youtube channel which is followed by hundred of thousands of people, this gives immediate exposure to my music video and allow many people to access it instantly. I think it would be unrealistic for me choose a exhibition method such as a cinema because it is not a long film and I doubt they would want to display my 4 minute music video.



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