Locations for filming

We have selected 3 locations to shoot our music video.


Our first location is the Duffus boarding house in our school. We have chosen this location because there is a path running through the woods which is ideal for our first scene. Ellie will be lip-syncing while walking through the trees. This is before we drive off to our second location.


We have selected Roseisle to be one of our major locations. This because it has the best layout for our video, in the area. There are very high trees which give the sense that we are lost in a forest, as a couple. There are small hills and ridges which we will use, the couple will be running along them. The couple will be exploring the woods together, going on a romantic adventure.  Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 19.42.58.png


Roseisle beach is just across from the woods. This is good for efficient filming, making sure we use our time to the maximum ability. We will not have to spend a lot of time travelling. We are using a beach as it is sort of a cliche, people think of couples walking along the beach together, holding hands. There are several little bomb shelters and boulders which we thought would be a good contribution to the adventuring aspect.


This is not really a location. We will be filming in the car, so we can capture the couple travelling together.


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