Story Plan/Synopsis

Our film is going to have two characters, the girlfriend and the boyfriend. They are have been going out for about 2 months. Daisy realises there is something interfering with the relationship. As the the music video progresses you find out that Jacob is not yet over his ex-girlfriend Selena. Daisy and Jacob meet up for some time together and have a short car journey. They explore some woods and have a romantic walk on the beach. They end up having a rest and sit on a bench, Daisy leaves the bench. Jacob gets a picture out of his ex-girlfriend Selena. Daisy catches him with the pictures and they have an argument. They have an awkward car journey, neither of them speaks. Jacob drops her off in town. Jacob starts thinking about Daisy and has flash backs of him and Selena. He starts drinking vodka while driving because he realises that he’s lost both Selena and Daisy.  He loses attention of the road, the alcohol has had an effect on his driving ability. As a result of this he doesn’t calculate a junction properly and is sideswiped by another car. Jacobs phone then rings, its a call from Daisy.



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